allandale eggs

showcasing the region’s best

When did you first start? Not so long ago in June 2016


Why eggs? Having egg producing hens is a way for us to live on the property without buying more land and cattle to support the family.


What makes your product special? We only have 1500 hens but there are 100 hens per hectare. Our hens are pasture, free range so they’re happy and well cared for. The eggs are packed fresh and less than 48 hours old by the time they’re on your plate.


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    showcasing the region’s best

    From the foothills of the Blue Mountains to the banks of the Macquarie River at Dubbo, from the vineyards of
    Mudgee to the orchards of Oberon, Harvest Café & Store in Bathurst is surrounded by farmers, producers and
    food artisans working with nature to provide us the essential ingredients for our menu.
    We’re delighted and proud to shine the spotlight on our local unsung heroes.